What to Know for your First Yoga Class

Have you been on the fence about attending a yoga class? Are you worried you will be the only person there who isn’t sure how it all works? Fear not! Most yoga studios are very welcoming. Teachers and staff all want to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.
To feel most prepared, consider these simple tips before your first studio class:

What to Wear
In most yoga classes there is physical movement, so athletic wear is recommended. This can be anything from shorts and tank-tops, to stretchy (though not too loose fitting) pants, to comfortable, long-sleeved shirts. If you have long hair, it’s best to tie it back away from your face. Shoes are not worn in yoga studios and socks are atypical as well. It is recommended that students practice in their bare feet 🙂
**Some yoga studios are heated, and therefore, it is best to wear tanks and shorts, or layers that can be removed as the temperature increases throughout class.

What to Bring
The two best things to bring to a yoga class are a yoga mat and a water bottle. Many yoga studios have mats that can be rented for a small fee like $2, and some offer them for free. Call ahead to find out if the studio you want to attend has mats for rent.

What to do when you Arrive
It’s best to arrive 10 – 15 minutes early for your first studio class so that you can sign waivers and get a tour of the space. This will also give you time to speak with your teacher. Don’t be embarrassed to tell him/her it’s your first class – the more they know, the better they can teach! Be sure to mention if you’re dealing with any injuries or pain as they can advise you to skip or modify certain poses as needed.

What to do with Props
Different styles of yoga use different props to support students in the poses. A power vinyasa class may use weights or a block, while a restorative class uses blankets, blocks, bolsters, eye pillows, etc! Ask your teacher or the front desk staff which props are needed for class and where you can find them in the studio.

Keeping these four things in mind will help create a positive, smooth first experience at any yoga studio 🙂


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