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At Rooted Heart, we believe wellness encompasses more than just the body. To us, it means the health and ease of body, mind, and spirit. Wellness is multifaceted and unique to each individual. Because of this, we provide opportunities for our clients to address their wellness needs through a variety of different modalities. Whether it’s a visit with a naturopathic doctor, sound healer, acupuncturist, or beyond, we want to ensure that wellness is accessible to our community. Head to our wellness provider page to read about our practitioners and the ways in which they can support you.

To inquire about room rentals please reach out to us at [email protected].

Our providers

Sara Shaeffer

As a Board Certified Massage Therapist, Sara’s mission is to artfully facilitate the natural healing forces within.
Sara is trained in a variety of modalities including, but not limited to: Deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myo-facial techniques, inter-oral therapy, aromatherapy, Thai massage, hot and cold stone therapy, cupping, and pre-natal. She is pursuing the full 250- hour advanced Mindful Expressionism® Certification and currently is a competent practitioner of ‘Level 1: Extremities, Sciatic, Carpal Tunnel, and Plantar Fasciitis’, ‘Level 2: TMJ, Jaw, Head, Neck, and Face,’ as well as ‘Level 5: Low Back Specialization.’

To book, please go to:

Casey Thomsen

Casey helps you find peace and calmness! Through a proven process that is all her own, Casey combines different modalities including vibrational sound therapy, energy work, activation, Reiki, and intuitive reading to facilitate healing, balance, and help you find total alignment. Each session is different depending on what your mind, body and soul are looking for. Evoking energy for you to be supported, centered, balanced and loved. She will help you connect to your heart energy, and assist in achieving “whole” healing (emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and energetic). Through this process you have the opportunity to feel relaxed, empowered, find your voice, and be
in complete harmony with your true self. To book a session with Casey, please contact 303-514-6944.

Matthew Williams

Matthew has been an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner for 10 years. He uses a combination of acupuncture, massage, cupping, and herbal medicine to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Matthew is available at Rooted Heart on Monday and Friday. To book please call 303-905-1730

Megan Faye

Megan Faye has practiced massage therapy since 2008. Her passion for the human body and providing care with a safe space for healing are the foundation of her practice. Her specialties include sports treatments, myofacial release, nurturing therapeutic, specific injury rehabilitation, SourcePoint Therapy, visceral manipulation, hot stone massage, pre and post natal, shiatsu techniques and trigger point therapy. She also has advanced training in postural analysis, body mechanics and visceral manipulation giving her a unique and refined ability to help clients assess the underlying cause of their symptoms and work towards long term solutions. In her free time, Megan loves to practice yoga, cook, ride bikes, listen to podcasts, rollerblade, swim, run, read or just spend time at home with her two birds Batman and Buster. To make an appointment or for further inquiries please contact her at: (303) 828-8781 [email protected]

Joseph Peters

Joseph has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011. He originally attended a massage school that took a Neuromuscular approach to healing. Over the years he has continued his Neuromuscular training along with Structural Integration to help those with injuries. He continues to take continuing education courses regularly and has worked closely with a mentor for the past 5 years learning how to take cues from the client’s body to know what needs to be attended to. In recent years he has begun delving into CranioSacral Therapy. To book, please email [email protected] or call/text (720) 546-0570. For more details, visit

Bethany Anne Valentine Stamey

Bethany is a vitalist practitioner. She believes we are all in a constant state of healing. We simply have to find where vitality is being obstructed or depleted and use the appropriate tools to enable the body/mind/soul to heal itself. Healing can be encouraged with energy work, crystal healing, nutrition, supplementation, flower essences, herbal medicine, and vitalist practices like dancing! Bethany graduated from The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca NY in 2017. She continued her studies at The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Colorado and graduated with a Certificate in Advanced Herbalism in 2020. She was attuned to the Reiki Master level in New York by Reiki Master & Teacher Jessica Betts in 2018. In a Reiki session with her you can expect to drop into a state of profound relaxation and feel an opening up of the energetic pathways through your whole being. For a truly holistic treatment sign up for a Botanical Reiki Session where we incorporate herbal medicine into your treatment. Bethany offers her services at flexible prices and times because she believes that everyone should have access to natural medicine and holistic healthcare. To get more information or book an appointment just email Bethany at [email protected] or text 813-523-2835
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