At Rooted Heart, we are fortunate to be home to Dr. Chad Triscuit. Dr. Triscuit is a naturopathic doctor with a a decade of experience in both medicine and microbiology. He is passionate about health and about helping people to live their best lives. I had the chance to sit down with Dr. Triscuit to […]

Rooted Heart is proud to be home to Lisa Brent’s Hypnotherapy practice, Calling Harmony. Hypnotherapy is becoming popular as an effective way to manage stress, anxiety, childhood patterning, addiction, fertility, etc. While hypnotherapy can potentially benefit many different people, I, like many, have had some misunderstandings about it in the past. I had a chance

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Before you do the eye roll, I want you to remember the intention behind it: Love. While I don’t believe we need a specific day of the year to give and receive love, it does serve as an excellent reminder that we could all do with a little more love in

When you think of wellness, what is the first idea that comes to mind? Likely, you are thinking about your body and whether or not it feels healthy. Physical health IS one key part of wellness, but there is more to it than that. I would define true well-being as the integration of a healthy

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