Wellness – Body, Mind, Energy

When you think of wellness, what is the first idea that comes to mind? Likely, you are thinking about your body and whether or not it feels healthy.

Physical health IS one key part of wellness, but there is more to it than that. I would define true well-being as the integration of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy energy.

The body is an amazingly complex and interconnected system. What happens in one part is not isolated there. The physical state of the body affects our minds and energy. The reverse is also true – our minds, emotions, and energy certainly influence the physical health of our bodies.

Modern health sciences have traditionally focused on the physical part of this equation, but the western world is now being reintroduced to healing modalities from places like India, Nepal, China, and North America that also emphasize the other two pieces. More and more, people are realizing that cultivating a sense of well-being goes beyond scheduling an annual check up.

Take mental wellness for example. Body chemistry is one component, but so are stress levels, mindfulness, and our ability to practice non-attachment. We can address mental wellness through traditional methods like therapy or medication, and we can also incorporate the practices of meditation and the teachings of yogic philosophy as well.

Energetic wellness is the last and often overlooked part of this triad. When our energy and life-force are unable to flow freely within our subtle and physical bodies, we often see it manifest as physical symptoms. Exploring practices like breathwork and healing modalities like reiki, chakra work, and acupuncture are excellent ways to address this aspect of well-being.

Here at Rooted Heart, we believe in addressing wellness on all levels. Through yoga and our connection with the practitioners that call our space home, we hope to provide our community with a multitude of resources that they can use to create health and wellness on every level of self.


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