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Rooted Heart is all about wellness – in body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we are so happy to be home to Erica Franzen of Soma & Psyche! Rooted Heart has been the home base of Erica’s practice since we opened, and this month I got a chance to interview her about all of the Body/Mind/Energy healing she provides for clients. 

Erica offers sessions in two primary modalities: integrative massage with energy work as well as sound therapy. She uses these therapies separately and jointly to help people address a variety of ailments. 

Now, I like to think I’m pretty “in the know” when it comes to wellness trends, but the more I learned about sound therapy, the more I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought! 

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy involves the use of different “instruments” to produce sounds with specific frequencies and vibrations. However, these instruments aren’t your run of the mill guitar or flute. Erica uses Zen Therapeutic singing bowls and Acutonics tuning forks that are specially created to take the brain into deep states of relaxation. During a session, Erica even places the bowls and tuning forks on the body to help clear the lymphatic system and bring toxins from deep in the cellular structure to the surface. It is a profoundly calming, relaxing, and healing treatment. 

Sounds pretty cool, right? My next question after learning more about sound therapy was naturally, “Who is a good candidate for sound therapy?” And honestly, it seems like it could be just about everyone! 

Sound therapy is great for:

-People looking for deep relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety

-People suffering from insomnia or restless sleep patterns (vivid dreaming)

-People with chronic pain

-People going through life transitions

-People looking to balance their hormones

-People struggling with digestive issues

Erica has also developed her own style of intuitive healing that involves the combination of her sound and massage therapies. In our discussion, Erica shared how sound therapy can be used as a primer, so to speak. Sound therapy helps divert conscious attention away from physical ailments, helps the brain to relax, and helps engage the parasympathetic nervous system. When we are more relaxed, our bodies are more receptive to the physical manipulations of massage. And, the vibrations from sound therapy move through the lymphatic system and muscle tissue, allowing Erica to clear out toxins that are brought to the surface. 

Ready to schedule a session with Erica and get help on your healing journey? Me too! 

You can schedule with Erica on the MindBody Consumer App, through her Soma & Psyche Facebook page:

Or, you can text/call her at: 512 507 3192


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