Living in Alignment with the Fall Equinox

September 23rd was the first official day of fall in the northern hemisphere. As such, this week constitutes a powerful shift not only in the external environment, but also in our internal environments. 

When we think of what happens in the world during autumn, we think about leaves changing and dropping, animals filling up before hibernation, and of plants bearing their final fruit. This is the time for us to look at what we’ve “grown” over the last 9 months. What are we harvesting in terms of our relationships, work, personal projects, and health? Do we like what’s coming in now? How can we commit to doing things differently if we don’t like the results of our previous actions and efforts?

From the harvest perspective, we can also determine what it’s time to let go of. Certain things have run their course. We realize there are things we’ve outgrown. Create time and space in the next few weeks to reflect on what you are ready to release. 

We are collectively moving out of the extroverted, yang energy of summer and into the subtler, quieter, yin energy that will come through fall and winter. Autumn is a wonderful time to return to our homes. Summer tends to be beautifully busy with time spent outdoors, on the go, and travelling. In contrast, autumn is a great time to slow down and return home.  As the days get shorter and the temperatures colder, we should focus on nourishing ourselves for the season ahead. During this season, try to do things like sleep more, cook healthy meals, clean out your living space, and exercise. 

Exercise can come in any form, but vinyasa yoga is especially helpful during this time. A vinyasa practice combined with breath practices like ujjayi pranayam are great ways to warm us from the inside out, helping us to stay motivated and focused on what we are harvesting at this time. 

Now that fall has officially begun, how will you honor this season in your life?


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