We’re now a week into the Sun’s annual sojourn through the sign of Aquarius. My guess is that many of us felt the shift because it started with last week’s Super Blood Moon Eclipse! During each astrological season we feel the energies of the associated sign. Much of this happens on a mental level, but […]

Rooted Heart is all about wellness – in body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we are so happy to be home to Erica Franzen of Soma & Psyche! Rooted Heart has been the home base of Erica’s practice since we opened, and this month I got a chance to interview her about all of the

When you think of wellness, what is the first idea that comes to mind? Likely, you are thinking about your body and whether or not it feels healthy. Physical health IS one key part of wellness, but there is more to it than that. I would define true well-being as the integration of a healthy

As 2018 comes to a close, we start to hear all about New Year’s resolutions. What goals do you have for the upcoming year? What will you do better or differently? In the final days of December and early moments of January we hear messages everywhere that encourage us to be excited and forward-focused. Being

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we find something we like and in which we feel comfortable, we go back to it time and again. We fall into these patterns in relationships, daily activities, and even in our yoga practice. We all come to the yoga mat for different reasons. Sometimes our reasons are physical,

Our modern understanding of wellness is missing a critical component: community. The power of community can uplift and heal us.

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