Healing Power of Community

Healing Power of Community

When most of us think about wellness, we generally think about it as an individual practice, without a one-size-fits-all approach. I’m gluten-free, and you’re a vegan. I practice meditation, and you practice asana (physical yoga). I need 9 hours of sleep to be at my best, and you only need 7.

Focusing on our individual selves is so important when it comes to health and wellness. But our modern understanding of wellness is missing a critical component: community.

The power of community to uplift and heal us is intangible, yet profound. Community has been a hallmark of healing rituals in many ancient civilizations, and though we don’t often focus on it in this day and age, it’s no less powerful. If we pay close attention, we can feel the effects of community in our souls as well as our bodies. Think about it for a minute- when we’re with a close group of friends, we feel more joyful. We smile, laugh, and relax a little bit more. When we connect with others at events like sound healings, reiki sessions, or yoga classes, we feel grounded and supported by the energy shared amongst those around us.

Several studies have been conducted which verify these experiences. The studies have shown a positive correlation between health and community; meaning, those who are able to connect with others around them can be physically healthier than those who do not have that chance.

At Rooted Heart, community is our focus. Our mission is to provide wellness resources for the larger community around us, but also to spark connection and create community within our Rooted Heart family. We do this by offering a variety of public group yoga classes and other workshops/events focused on healing and wellness.

At Rooted Heart, you can follow your individual wellness path while becoming part of a  community where you are supported in mind, body, and spirit.



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