5 Best Denver Restaurant Gift Cards

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Denver restaurant gift cards are the perfect gift for friends and neighbors this year. Our hometown is a city renowned for its breathtaking mountain views, outdoor adventures, and aculinary scene that’s as diverse as it is delicious.

Whether you’re a transplant or a longtime local, one of the best ways to share the Mile-High dining experience is by purchasing a gift card. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best restaurants in Denver that offer gift cards. 

Make it easy for you to treat yourself or someone special to a gift they will actually use! 

Why Choose Denver Restaurant Gift Cards?

Denver’s dining scene has everything from farm-to-table cuisine to international delights. By purchasing gift cards from Denver’s restaurants, you’re not just giving a meal; you’re giving the gift of choice.

Recipients can enjoy local flavors, which they are much more likely to enjoy than the cliche candle you bought them because you didn’t know what they would like. Give the gift of craft cocktails and scenic views, all while supporting the local restaurant industry.

1. The Capital Grille

Location: 1450 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202

The Capital Grille, situated in the heart of Denver’s downtown, is synonymous with upscale dining. Known for its dry-aged steaks and extensive wine list, it’s the perfect spot for a special occasion or a memorable night out. Gift cards from The Capital Grille provide an opportunity to savor prime cuts and impeccable service. Keep in mind this option is for higher budgets only. 

2. Root Down

Location: 1600 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Root Down should be on your list. This farm-to-table restaurant offers a menu brimming with globally-inspired dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Gift cards from Root Down open the door to a funky world of culinary creativity and sustainability.

3. The Corner Beet

Location: 1401 N Ogden St, Denver, CO 80218

We’d be amiss to not mention our neighbors at the Beet. A vegan and vegetarian restaurant serving raw foods, cold-pressed juices, and coffee / tea, The Corner Beet has something for every dietary restriction. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and takeout in Cap Hill. 

4. El Five

Location: 2930 Umatilla St, Denver, CO 80211

Perched above Denver’s Lower Highlands, El Five is a Mediterranean-inspired tapas restaurant with panoramic skyline views. Its extensive cocktail menu and flavorful small plates make it a destination for foodies and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Gift cards from El Five let you savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with a Mile-High twist.

5. Tocabe

Denver Address: 8181 E Arapahoe Rd, Unit C, Greenwood Village, CO 80112

Berkeley Address: 3536 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Tocabe celebrates Indigenous American cuisine – and we’re so glad they exist. Rooted in tradition and committed to quality, Tocabe’s menu showcases the rich, diverse flavors of Native American dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. From their renowned bison ribs to flavorful Indian tacos and a variety of toppings, every bite tells a story of heritage and culinary artistry. 

They are committed to supporting Indigenous communities and sustainable sourcing, so this Denver restaurant gift card is not only tasty, but also meaningful. 

How to Purchase Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards from these Denver restaurants is a breeze. Most of them offer online ordering through their websites. You can choose the card’s value and even include a personalized message for that extra touch of thoughtfulness. Additionally, you can often purchase physical cards at the restaurant if you prefer a tangible gift.

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